what if we needed a new phase in political priorities?

what if Asking the right questions is how we start?

The How Network

This is a new phase in political priorities.


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About Us

In 5 points

1 – Who We Are

We believe that as a nation, we need to revisit and strength how we elect our leadership.

The How Network exists to promote one of the approaches to electing leaders - one that’s especially needed right now, in 2020 and the years ahead.

We’re a non-partisan group of grassroots visionaries, and this is our most effective form of activism - to educate, equip, and exhibit a new phase in political priorities.

2 – What We Look At

Crucial to finding any progress forward in our political priorities are the past, present, and future.

The past is important for evaluating what worked and what didn’t, learning from our mistakes, and deriving greater context for issues, that we may apply a more accurate and fine-tuned approach mining forward.

The present is important for addressing the current state of governance and the areas that need improvement most, while considering the full spectrum of the population and issues through a lens of empathy.

The future is important for shaping a clear vision for how we want decisions to be made, and then crafting thorough strategies for actually achieving that end as voters, activists, and candidates.

3 – The Approach

We do not claim to be promoting the perfect or sole approach for choosing leaders. However, we do strongly believe that there are few greater known strategies that are needed for this time, both on a personal and systemic level.

So what is this approach. Well, simply put, it’s to focus on how leaders make decisions, rather that what decisions they make. And through our assessments and 1-on-1 workshops, we hope to train both individuals and organizations on more comprehensive ways to determine how a leader will make their many choices while in leadership.

4 – The Imperative

If we are to be a democracy, where the people truly influence the power, then thoroughly evaluating how decisions will be made is a characteristic burden of leadership that we must also assume.

The result will be a nation of individuals that’s less divided on issue-specific outcomes, but rather that’s more intelligently thinking like leaders poised to preserve the most fundamental values that influence all issues.

5 – The Desired Outcome

While this won’t surface a universal perspective, it will more clearly expose and elevate our standard for leadership into one that rises from a few short-term outcomes to the principles that guide every outcome.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat, independent, or even an extreme or mixtures of these, we believe it stands to be true - that you ultimately want a leader that will make good decisions, whether on decisions you care about or the millions that they’ll make that you won’t even think of.

We truly believe that. Equally, we hope you’ll explore with us some practical ways of thinking about and acting upon the priority of electing leaders who establish how decisions are made.

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